We Keep Planting Seeds–Working with the Public Sector

Recently in Japan, The Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry (MAFF) issued its 2011 White Paper and included an article about Second Harvest Japan (2HJ)’s disaster relief work in Tohoku (Northern Japan). While food banking in Japan started 12 years … Continued

U.S. Food Bank Report by Food Bank Yamanashi

Second Harvest Asia (2HA) coordinated a training session for Food Bank Yamanashi (FBY) from Japan at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance (SMFBA) in Phoenix, Arizona from February 1 to 10, 2012. We already reported about this visit, but recently FBY … Continued

Food Bank Korea’s President Cha Visited Japan!

President Cha of the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (SSN) visited Second Harvest Asia (2HA)’s sister organization, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ), on May 12. President Cha shared his experience of creating a food banking network in Korea and the … Continued

Two Unfortunate ‘One-Thirds’

By Yusuke Wada Recently, one of my collegues at Second Harvest Japan (2HJ)wrote an article about food waste and food banking in Japan. She mentioned the one-third rule in her article. Being in the food-banking field, I often hear in … Continued