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Our Vision

Even though there are 578 million people living without enough food in Asia, more than a third of food produced in the world is wasted every year for various reasons. In some countries, consumers have high demands for perfect looking products. For instance, in Japan, people expect to purchase okra that are straight, of a certain length, and are perfectly green. As a result, pounds of okra that do not meet these requirements are destroyed. In other places, a high volume of food is wasted due to the lack of proper refrigeration systems or logistical management.

Imagine the tons of food being burnt and wasted each year. Now think about how there are so many people who are hungry and malnourished in the world.

So…. how can we reduce this food waste and redistribute it to the hungry?

This is where food banks come in. Second Harvest Asia is dedicated to spreading this great system in Asia.




Our History

Second Harvest Asia (2HA) was founded by core members of Second Harvest Japan, the first and largest food bank in Japan, in 2010. 2HA is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

The founder of Second Harvest Japan, Charles McJilton, has developed food banking in Japan since 2000, and saw more needs and opportunities for food banking in other Asian countries. McJilton and some members got together and established 2HA to make a community through which food banks could share their best practices and support each other to grow so that food banks could support more hungry people in Asia.

While there exist efforts of food banking in Asia, there are still many countries that do not benefit from food banks in the region. Although there is not a silver bullet for poverty eradication, we believe food banking can play effective roles in some phases of poverty eradication.

Our goal is to grow with food banks in the region to make better Asia.




Norm Gold,  Co-Chair

Bruce Hall, Co-Chair


Donald Nordeng, Secretary


Jack Bayles, Director


Huntley Nicholas, Director


Charles McJilton, Executive Director