ContributeIf you are a food bank member

You could work with us in the following ways:

° Participate in the Asia food bank network to share best practices and lessons learned.

° Get involved in training sessions in Japan and/or the U.S.

° Help build a community of food bank networks in Asia.


7129163893_7e07cc85efIf you want to volunteer in Asia

2HA has a large network with food banks and other charities in Asia. We can connect you with a group that would welcome you as a volunteer.




6675098931_8cb55eafc4If you want to donate

2HA can help you connect with local foodbanks that need your time, money, in-kind support, and technical expertise. Share with us your interest and we can help you find a meaningful way to give.




11174926176_b75e033743_zIf you want to show your support

Our greatest need is to raise awareness of the unique foodbanking needs in Asia. You can help us spread the word and help educate others – fan us online, share our updates, and become a part of our social media community!



Interested to join us? Please contact us at or (651) 447-6302 in the Twin Cities and +81 90 6029 1823 in Tokyo.