The Maddening Reason Food Waste Is On The Rise Among The Rich

Sorry Huffington Post, you got it wrong again. Food waste is not on the rise and your stats are way off.

1. Japan does not throw away 18 millions tons of edible food each year. That is the total amount of all organic waste. Moreover, if there is not an appropriate downline (infrastructure) to distribute collected food then maybe you are focussing on the wrong problem?
2. The French law only requires supermarkets to enter into an agreement. Whether they donate or not is a different matter. You cannot increase the amount they donate if there are not charities to accept them.
3. Food banks in the US regularly spend money to purchase food they do not have in stock because it is no longer available due to better quality control by food companies. One food bank spends about $2 million a year. If there is so much waste, why are they spending that money?
4. There are over 155 definitions for food loss / food waste. Being that the case, how can we be sure what definition is being used to arrive at these numbers?