Second Harvest Asia (2HA)’s Executive Director Yusuke Wada and Research Intern Yukiha Maruyama have been conducting research for the food bank feasibility analysis in Manila, the Philippines.

2HA incorporated the Philippines’ first food bank, Salu-Salo: Food Bank Philippines, in March 2012. (Salu-Salo: Food Bank Philippinesis Incorporated!) Now we are at the research phase, and based on the research outcome, we will lay out our operational plan.
In this blog post, I would like to share some pictures from our site-visits in squatter areas in Tondo, Novatas, Pasay in Manila.

Squatter area in Pasay City

Our friendly partner, Bernard Pierquin of Allouette Foundation, showed us around in the squatter village in Pasay city. He himself used to live in the area for two years and now he is working to help families in the area by providing them school assistance, medical assistance, and meals.
Squatter area in Pasay City
Our intern, Yukiha Maruyama, observing make-shift houses above the water. They are standing on very unstable platforms.

At Allouette Foundation, they conduct a three-month feeding program for children with medical check-ups. But they cannot consecutively keep feeding children more than three months, when the children come back to the next feeding program, they went back to malnourished conditions. If they get food resources from a food bank, they could have their feeding programs more frequently.

In the next post, we will show you some more pictures about other squatter areas in the city.