In Japan, our sister organization, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) has been shipping soup mix to our partners in the Philippines. In December 2011, student volunteers from Youth With A Mission International (YWAM) helped 2HJ repack soup mix into small plastic bags so that agencies down in the Philippines can easily distribute the food to hungry families. Thank you, YWAM volunteers!

YWAM Students Repacked Soup for the Philippines!

Volunteers are opening up barrels full of soup mix. They form an assembly line to repack soup mix efficiently. 

Pile of Soup Mix for the Philippines

After repacking them into small plastic bags, they piled up on pallets like this. 

BIG Pile of Soup Mix for the Philippines

BIG pile of soup-mix bags!! This can serve hundreds of families. 

Thank you, YWAM students!

Thank you, YWAM volunteers! Without your help, Second Harvest Japan could not have sent it to the Philippines!

Second Harvest Japan:

Second Harvest Asia will develop the regional food bank network in Asia to share best practices and experiences with other food banks. We hold online meetings regularly with Asian food bank members. If you are interested in joining our regional network, please contact us at