Second Harvest Japan Sends Food Relief to an NGO School in the Poorest Section of Manila

Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) provided food to the Philippine Christian Foundation (PCF) which is located in Tondo, Manila. PCF educates children and provides other services to support the families of the school children and others in the community. At their school, they provide breakfast and lunch to 450 pupils. In November 2011 Second Harvest Asia (2HA) Executive Director Yusuke Wada visited the school on the dumpsite where PCF provides services to see firsthand their operations. 2HA is in the process of founding a local food bank in the Philippines, and NGOs like PCF are important partners to develop  food banking in the country. 

Part 3

PCF Meal Program

Breakfast at PCF

Serving soy-based meals for breakfast that Second Harvest Japan donated to the school. These meals are very easy to cook and provides good nutrition.

Breakfast at PCF

Happy children eating in the cafeteria. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I could tell that they were enjoying the time. 

The students enjoy lunch at PCF

The students take turns eating. They had fried chicken and steamed rice for lunch the day I visited. Today’s lunch was donated by a local company.  The staff told me that they were always seeking more donations and particularly rice was something in great need.

Smiles after lunch!

The students played with me. They were very friendly and not shy at all. I felt very welcomed.

I would like to thank PCF for showing me their operations and the dumpsite. 

“To permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest Filipino communities, through education, nutrition, health, medical and family enhancement programs, regardless of religion, race or political boundaries.”

Second Harvest Asia will develop the regional food bank network in Asia to share best practices and experiences with other food banks. We hold online meetings regularly with Asian food bank members. If you are interested in joining our regional network, please contact us at