Second Harvest Asia (2HA) Chair Charles McJilton visited three disaster-hit areas in Central Philippines from Nov. 13 to 18. After the trip, 2HA and our local organization Food Bank Philippines decided to focus our relief efforts on the area in the northern part of IloIlo by partnering up with the University of Philippines Visayas.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the individuals and organizations that offered support in forms of cash donations and supply donations. Red Cross Taiwan/Taichung Food Bank quickly shipped more than three tons of rice and aid goods to our partner in the area we work in Northern IloIlo.

Here is the report about the trip and 2HA’s plan for our relief operation.

Second Harvest Asia's assessment trip in the disaster-hit area.

2HA’s Charles McJilton and board member Bruce Hall in Northern IloIlo. You can view more photos here.

The report from Charles McJilton

November 23, 2013
Disaster Response

Based on my assessment, I believe that we can have the most impact by dividing up our response into short-term (4-6 weeks) and medium/long-term relief (6-12 months). From the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) :
• Dead: 4,015
• Injured: 18,567
• Missing: 1,602
• Families affected: 2,157,726
• Number of people: 10,023,075
• Displaced families: 921,356
• Displaced persons: 4.330,502
• Damaged houses: 1,084,446
• Partially damaged: 549,133
• Totally damaged: 536,313

Much of the disaster area is still without power except generators. Power is not expected to be restored until after Christmas at the earliest and other places can expect to wait until next spring. Debris from the storm has not been cleared except for roads. Buildings that were partially or completely damaged remain as-is with no apparent plans to either completely demolish the structure or remove debris. In the evening fires can be seen
alongside the road in and in the fields as some have started to burn fallen branches. However, wake of destruction is still very visible in every place I visited.

Short-term Aid
We will send relief goods that will address immediate needs. These goods will be distributed through a local relief agency I have met or All Hands, an agency we worked with in Tohoku.

Shipping schedule
Container         2hj cutoff               Loading              Shipping                ETA Cebu
1                      11/27 (Wed)         11/28 (Thurs)     11/29 (Fri)            12/13 (Fri)
2                      12/4 (Wed)           12/5 (Thurs)       12/6 (Fri)              12/27 (Fri)
3                      12/11 (Wed)         12/12 (Thurs)     12/13 (Fri)            1/10 (Fri)

If you want to send something in our container, it needs to be at our warehouse by the “2hj cutoff” so we can prepare it for loading.

Needed Items
Sleeping bags
Personal hygiene kits
Mosquito nets
Cooking utensils
Cups and dishes
Ready-to-eat food

Another way to help is to make personal hygiene kits. This is a suggested content description from the Red Cross
• 5 pcs adult toothbrush
• 1 pc toothpaste (225g)
• 1 bottle (250ml) shampoo
• 5 pcs family size bath soap
• 5 pcs face towel (14X27)
• 5 pcs big plastic comb
• 1 pack cotton buds (200 tips)
• 1 pack sanitary napkin (10 pcs)
• 1 pc big nail cutter
• 1 bar detergent soap (424g)
• 2 disposable razors
• 2 rolls toilet paper

Medium/Long-term Assistance
• Work with University of Philippines Visaya in northern part of Iloilo
• They have been working with communities in this area before the disaster and have conducted assessment of the damage and needs
• Provide material and resources needed for livelihood projects
• We expect this to last until June of next year

Current Local Partners
• All Hands
• Assisi Foundation / Hope International / Tabang Visaya Net
• University of Philippines Visaya, BIDANI Community Outreach Project
• Salu-Salo: Food Bank Philippines

Charles E. McJilton